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    The Minneapolis Idea eXchange (MiX) blends culture, stirs thought, and kindles solutions by bringing the community together to foster ideas that power our community. MiX inspires discourse and engagement through talks, panels, workshops, performances and exhibitions that celebrate the ingenuity and talent rooted in Minneapolis. It provides an opportunity to connect, collaborate and innovate.

    In 2017, we continue the discussion on creating an extraordinary community. This year’s event will pull in elements from the past MiX events and the experiences that have been the most meaningful. It will have the MiX core elements of interactivity, cross-collaboration, problem-solving and civic engagement.

    The content will be relevant for businesses and non-profit organizations striving to find sustainable models and align more with the world around them to create lasting impact and value. We’ll highlight the opportunities and innovation in this space and wrap up the evening with a chance to put civic engagement into action.

    Thank you to all who attended MiX 2016! This year's event was a conversation about how Design Thinking can improve our world.  Tom Fisher, Director of the Metropolitan Design Center @ University of Minnesota, just published his latest book Designing Our Way to a Better World.  Our panel of key community leaders brought their dynamic and unique perspectives to discuss the thesis behind Tom’s book with MiX 2016 attendees. We look forward to building off of this year's event and bringing you all together again in 2017 as part of a continued discussion on creating an extraordinary community.

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